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Training and consultancy services

If you have a unique project that requires the capture of 3D data, we are a valuable partner in your quest for a best possible solution, that fits your needs and budget. No matter what part of your project, we are ready to advise, assist or help you with a specific problem within your workflow.

Our on-site course provides a fast paced, thorough training for users of all levels.

  • Software and hardware training for Mantis, Artec, Faro and Photoscan

Forensic consultancy

With many years experience in forensic visualization for the Netherlands National Police Services Agency we can now provide service to criminal attorneys, civil attorneys, prosecuting attorneys and defense attorneys, law enforcement agencies, insurance companies, security experts and private investigators.

We can rapidly and accurately document the scene with high 3D detail. Our scanners can capture millions of data points and create a 3D point cloud that allows the virtual viewing and thorough examination of the environment. The extremely precise, computer generated graphical models can be exploited in a wide range of investigative areas, including crime, road accidents and fires.

The service ranges from basic plans, mapping of locations, 3D reconstructions, courtroom presentations and color virtual walk-throughs.

Asset and facility management 

We can provide detailed 3d models which accurately document your entire facilities and their assets, such as power components, machinery and pipe work. This data can be used for builiding management, as -built documentation for CAD modelling and other design tasks:

-Construction, renovation, and relocation projects
-Facility and space acquisition
-Space planning
-Tenant improvements
-Maintaining and repairing systems
-Training guidelines for emergency procedures

Our detailed scaled surveys of your building can be supplied either in raw point cloud format for client data inquiry and manipulation or in both 2-D and 3-D CAD drawing format as external building plans and elevations and Internal building floor plans and sections elevations.


At 4V we scan existing products so that design modifications can be made or new products can be created to compliment the original. The data we can provide can be used at any point in the manufacturing process to help you measure parts, create CAD data, make parts fit, improve quality, analyse the competition, scale parts up and down, save warehouse space or capture performance surfaces.

Our 3D scanners with point accuracy 0,1 mm can scan complex shapes , texture and tricky surfaces.


3D scanning museum sculptures for conservation, restoration and interactive 3d display.

Object collections are an important asset to any organisation and they often have hidden potential. At 4V we have the capability to unlock this potential by 3D digitising a collection for use as an exhibition tool, online gallery and for scientific, restoration, reproduction, archival and retail purposes. We use 3D scanners which are capable of capturing high resolution feature details in full colour. These digital models can also be used to more easly share intormation with researchers, archeologists, students or tourists. The scanning process is completely non-contact so delicate objects are not compromised in the capture process.

Artists, designers and other creative minds

3D scanning and digital design can be a powerful tool for artists, designers or other creative minds. With a deep appreciation for the creative process and access to the newest technology, we offer a tailored 3D scanning service to meet your requirements. We can help you- whether you need an art piece 3D scanned and then scaled for an edition or production, a models 3D scanned to prepare exposision or web-based display, or to construct replicas of the original sculptures.

From capturing to the 3D problem solving, we’ll provide the best solution for your project.


3D laser scanning is indispensable for pre-existing architecture or historical preservation. It is the most cost efficient and accurate method of developing as-built conditions of existing structures and surfaces. Using laser scanning for historic documentation offers several advantages. Many older buildings have sections that are no longer structurally sound, posing a challenge to the traditional ways of measurement, so an unobtrusive manner for acquiring data is preferred.

4Visualization offers a broad spectrum of services to a diverse range of clients including conservation architects, historians, design professionals, conservators, and environmental and cultural specialists.

Our 3D scanners with point accuracy 0,1 mm can quickly and accurately capture complex shapes , texture and tricky surfaces.

We deploy mid-range and short-range scanners, depending on the complexity of the object, to ensure a high-resolution 3D recording even when dealing with intricate facade sculptures or ornaments.

For projects requiring a remodel or addition to an existing space, the point cloud data acquired in the scanning process provides various environments to develop, refine, and effectively communicate emerging design ideas.


  • Site Plans
  • Floor plans
  • Sections
  • Elevations